Joyful Confluence

Joyful Confluence

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Joyful Confluence by Katherine Rhoda

Katherine's new album features Marxophone, violin-guitar, Phonoharp No. 1, harpeleik, Lithuanian kanklės (from the land of her mother's people), hammered dulcimer, her Great-Aunt Lydia's pump organ, and accordion. 

19 tracks include 14 originals, three traditional pieces, and two off-the-beaten-path covers.

    • The Heralding (Marxophone)
    • Proclamation (Marxophone)
    • Through the Fire (Marxophone & vocal)
    • In My Bones (©1986 Nancy Schimmel) (violin-guitar & vocal)
    • Snowbound (Marxophone)
    • Haul and Stack (accordion & vocal)
    • Reeds in the Wind (pump organ)
    • Vidury Lauke (trad.) (Lithuanian kanklės, vocal)
    • Lighthouse Hill (Marxophone)
    • Roll Me in the River (violin-guitar & vocal)
    • Since First I Gave My Heart to You/Sass (Phonoharp No.1)
    • The Ballad of Judith Folger (©Lorcan Otway [adapt. ©K. Rhoda]; trad.) (harpeleik & vocal)
    • Meander (Marxophone)
    • Deepdale Beck (Marxophone)
    • Boys of Blue Hill (trad.) (hammered dulcimer)
    • Hall Farm Kitchen (Marxophone)
    • Star of the Morning/Equinox (violin-guitar)
    • Blow the Candles Out/Cruel Sister (trad.) (Marxophone)
    • Gone Beyond Gone (accordion, pennywhistle, & vocal)

Album artwork by Dylan Metrano