Meet The Makers

Joan Brady

 Joan Brady is a classically trained artist who creates rich, luminous, dramatic compositions that simultaneously draw you in and jump out to meet you.  She delights in creating original paintings and ceramics inspired by her Monhegan island home ten miles out to sea.
Works in ceramics joyfully pair functionality with painterly aesthetics.


Donna Cundy

Donna Cundy grew up on Monhegan and received her Bachelor of Arts from Colby-Sawyer College. After years of working with children Donna's art has taken on significant color and whimsy. Her favorite artists are kids. Her favorite subjects are animals.


Gretel Stanley 


Judy Weber


Marian Chioffi


Nancy Vogt

Nancy grew up in Boothbay and has been living on Monhegan full time for 8 years. She's a baker, a gardener, and an avid crocheter!


Mia Boynton

Mia grew up on Monhegan and still lives there year around. She draws constant inspiration from the woods, cliffs and gardens she’s loved all her life. From crafts to songs, nature is her muse. See behind-the-scenes photos of her pressed flower cards on Instagram @theflowerdiarymaine


Katherine Rhoda

A native of Milo, Maine, Katherine has worked on Monhegan since 1973, spending a winter bagging bait, and many summers working at the Trailing Yew hotel, cleaning and painting houses, leading music at the Monhegan Community Church, and performing music solo and with the island trio Josephine’s Girls. You may have heard her playing hammered dulcimer on the Yew porch or accordion on the dock, emceeing the Monhegan Jamboree, or introducing folks to her Marxophone, violin-guitar, or more. Her goal is to make heartfelt music fostering authentic human connection.


Carley and Mott Feibusch

Carley and Mott met while attending the University of Arts in Philadelphia. They both graduated with a BFA in Crafts and Material Studies with a focus on Woodworking and Furniture Design and promptly moved to Monhegan full-time. Carley and Mott work together in their shop creating anything from wooden spoons to stools, often inspired by their home.