Monhegan Time
Monhegan Time

Monhegan Time

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“Monhegan Time” captures Monhegan’s essence in music written by and for people who love the island. These 15 songs have been inspired by the natural beauty of the Island and its unique way of life. Every song and environmental sound will transport you to the Island. 

All proceeds of this CD will be donated to the Monhegan Community Church and The Island Farm Project.

Here are the artists who perform on the CD:
1. Bob Stuart — Monhegan Time
2. John Murdock — This Old Town
3. Kathie Krause, Martha Bush & Louise Winchenbach — Summer on Monhegan
4. Environmental Sound: Jumpers Off the Dock
5. Asher Briant — Monhegan Seagull Blues
6. Dylan Metrano — After The Storm
7. Megan Rogers — Trap Day (Elizabeth & Bob Stuart)
8. Katherine Rhoda — Gone Beyond Gone
9. Environmental Sound: Monhegan Church Bell
10. Mia Boynton — Little Town
11. Bob Stuart — Billy’s Boat
12. Megan Rogers — Every Time (Bob Stuart)
13. Cooper Krause — The Ferry to Monhegan
14. Dave Kiphuth — Grey Funnel Line
15. Paul Clarke — Sunset On Monhegan
16. Oen Kennedy — Yellow Bird
17. Steve Cuniff — Here on Monhegan